Tarot of the Cosmic Seed Deck


by Lalania Simone of Alchemy Ritual Goods (and Debra’s dear friend)

Tarot of the Cosmic Seed is a 78 card digital collage art deck. It has been created as a diverse deck that is instantly readable, whether or not you know the traditional meanings of the cards. Each card is a portal, an experience on it’s own, a story waiting to be told. The imagery loosely follows the symbolism of the Rider-Waite lineage.

This deck is created with very high frequency intention. The images and colors are encoded with beautiful energy to help you recognize the divine in yourself and others.

In an effort to decolonize the tarot, remove outdated ideas of hierarchy, and shift ingrained gender assignments, the court cards in this deck have been renamed. For example, Pages are renamed Messengers and Knights are renamed Action.

There are also some title changes to several of the majors in order to raise the frequency of the meanings and to create ease of reading.

  • 78 cards with rounded corners on 350 gsm cardstock with gilded edges
  • 2-part box
  • Bound guidebook that fits within the box

Tarot of the Cosmic Seed was created by Lalania Simone, cosmic creator, art maker, word writer. Lalania says: “My intention with Tarot of the Cosmic Seed was to make the process of interpreting each card straightforward through imagery, symbols and the frequency of the cards.”

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