The Good Things


by Dweeb Draws 

From the artist: 

This zine is 9 pages of the good things in life, from holding a warm bowl of oatmeal in your hands to stargazing with a friend. I made this one after spending a couple weeks hyperfocused on finishing the depression zine. I felt like it I owed it to all my test readers to deliver something a little more uplifting.

Backstory: After starting antidepressants I found myself having a conversation with my therapist expressing my concern regarding whether or not I actually knew how to be happy, or even what happiness is. She told me that sometimes happiness is as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee in a quiet moment. It doesn’t have to be some big thing, it can come in the little moments. I asked a group of my friends what happiness looks like to them and this zine is a collection of their answers.

Zine | 16 pages

Dweeb Draws is an actual worm (per her Instagram @dweebdraws_).

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