The Serving Library Annual 2022/23


by Tauba Auerbach and Yuji Agematsu

The genesis of this issue of The Serving Library Annual was a pre-pandemic proposal for a group show at the Clark Art Institute, themed on the meander. That project evolved into the two-person exhibition Tauba Auerbach and Yuji Agematsu: Meander (16 July – 16 October, 2022). The line that animates both, however, continues indefinitely.

Contributors: Canal Street Research Association, Tamara Colchester, Laura Coombs, Anuja Dhir, Lauren Elkin, Jason Fulford, Anthony Huberman, Julije Knifer, Philip Ording, Federico Pérez Villoro, Emilie M. Reed, Eden Reinfurt, Ab Rogers, Laurel Schwulst, Mindy Seu, Tamara Shopsin, Hermione Spriggs, and Robert Wiesenberger.

Paperback | 174 pages | Roma Publications | 2022

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