Vote Every Day

Words: Evan Weissman
Design: Roxann Blue
Drawings: Faith Williams

Vote Every Day explores what it means to be Civic and how regular people can use their power to keep or create the communities they want. It is the product of over a decade of artistic community engagement and we’re thrilled to finally have it available for you!

Vote Every Day is short and lighthearted (it’s a cardboard book-like the ones you read to babies) and we are so thankful to have versions in 8 different languages.

Available in 8 languages: English, Español, Français, 普通话, Tiếng Việt, Pусский, አማርኛ, عربى.
(English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, Amharic, and Arabic)

Pay-what-you-can for this book.

Durable Board Book | 26 pages | Warm Cookies of the Revolution | 2022

Warm Cookies of the Revolution engages community members in crucial civic issues by creating innovative and fun arts and cultural programs. We are a Civic Health Club, making the questions “What do we want?” and “How do we get there?” necessary, participatory, just, and fun.


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