Gift Wrap — FOLKUS


Winner of The 2021 NY NOW Sustainable Design Award

30-sq-ft roll of double-sided, seasonless stone paper gift wrap. This superior, best-in-class wrapping paper is water/grease/bacteria/tear-resistant and non-toxic. Inspired by Black designs and storylines.

Seven stunning patterns hand-picked by yours truly (Rick+Debra).

Black Woman-owned Brooklyn business. FOLKUS aims to expand how we celebrate, cope, and connect through the prism of Black inventiveness, culture, and environmental stewardship. What is so beautiful about the Black aesthetic as captured by @folkusbrand is how it is ENOUGH. Read that again. Blackness is ENOUGH. No bows, no ribbons, no bells and whistles. Blackness is enough. Blackness is dope.

Environmental Statement:
This stone paper is recyclable and is made from 100% recycled materials. No trees, water, bleach, harmful inks, or acids are used in the manufacturing process of FOLKUS stone papers, which means no deforestation and no polluted waterways. Instead, there are reduced CO2 emissions and the usage of a sustainable material: calcium carbonate (limestone). For more information about stone or mineral paper:

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