Cultura Cacao Beverages


Treat yourself to locally-made chocolate beverages from Cultura Craft Chocolate! Choose from Traditional Mexican-style Drinking Chocolate—ground up to make it even easier for you to make at home; Peppermint Infused Drinking Chocolate; or Cafe de Olla Cacao Brew—inspired by Mexico’s traditional cafe de olla, Cultura’s cacao brew blends a dark roast coffee with cacao, ceylon cinnamon, and piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar).

Available in Mini 1.5 oz bags (~2 servings) or 6 oz bags (~8 servings).

Mexican Drinking Chocolate: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic ceylon cinnamon

Peppermint Drinking Chocolate: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, peppermint oil

Cafe de Olla Cacao Brew: organic cacao, organic coffee, organic piloncillo, organic ceylon cinnamon

Cultura Craft Chocolate is a Latina-owned, bean-to-bar chocolate making company with a mission to create truly amazing chocolate that has greater transparency, sustainability, and accessibility. Located in Denver, Colorado, Cultura seeks to honor and share the history and cultures of the communities where cacao originated.

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